Parquet: Parquet flooring is often seen as the height of wood flooring. Our fitters specialise in this type of floor and are constantly learning new ways to add even more definition to their work. Currently we offer the addition of a Wenge strip which borders our exquisite floor. Creating one of these bespoke floors is a speciality in itself but the addition of this walnut often creates a perfect look for many homes and is the ideal sight for someone walking into a home for the first time. This artistic way of flooring ensures that you have something even more unique than a standard wood floor.

Parquet flooring was originally introduced to replace marble flooring and allows for the unique mosaic style patterns that stone can be cut in to. They are created using a mosaic effect of placing blocks of wood together which are then fully bonded. The floors themselves are seen around the world in castles and palaces to massive basketball arenas. Their durability is one of their defining features and they require minimal maintenance. Often seen in hallways they are the perfect addition to any home.

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